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Grace's Homemade Whipped Hair Cream

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Product Description

Grace's Homemade Whipped Hair Cream is versatile and easy to use. It is much like hair pomade as it moisturizes and provides a healthy shine to your hair for all hair types without weighing it down. It also provides moderate hold to hair styles even during physical activity and perspiration. The Hair Cream may be used to:

  • Tame frizz, flyaway hairs, baby hairs, hair edges
  • Provide structure to hair styles such as Hair Poof, Pompadour, Spikey hair, Faux Hawk, Short Mohawk, slicking hair back
  • Style bangs
  • Tame, condition, and groom mustaches and beards
  • Provide definition and hold for waves and curls
  • Soften, define, and moisturize ethnic hair

Note: If you are looking for a strong, static hold for your hair style, this product may not be for you. For styling purposes, this product may best be used for shorter, fine-medium thick hair.

Directions: Rub a little hair cream between your fingers and apply to damp or wet hair to spread evenly. Style as usual and add more as needed. Excess hair cream on hands does not need to be washed out -- it can be used as a skin moisturizer. If you do not wash the hair cream out completely, it will continue to moisturize your hair.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*. Essential Oils are added to all scents except Original.
* Certified Organic Ingredient

Available in four scents:

Original Has a mild coconut scent. It smells delicious, but don't eat it!
Lavender Fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing, calming, and refreshing. May aid with relaxation and sleep.
Lemon-Mint A combination of Lemongrass and Peppermint. A minty, slightly sweet scent that is soothing and energizing at the same time.

Customer Testimonials

John M. from San Diego, CA
Hair Type:Short, dry, somewhat curly when it gets long.
Use: Style it straight back with a little shine.
Hold: 9/10
Comments: I will continue to use the homemade hair cream for its natural benefits. It's simple for a guy as it is like a one substance for all. I also use it as skin moisturizer.
Sarah R. from Orange County, CA
Hair Type:Long, straight.
Use: Slick back hairs that stick out while wearing a ponytail.
Hold: 7/10. Holds better than hairspray as it holds all day!
Comments: I like how the hair cream holds naturally and is made with all natural ingredients. I thought it would make my hair look oily, but it makes it look a little shiny but healthy!
Laura M. from Orange County, CA
Hair Type:Thick, medium-long, dry, wavy and slightly curly in the back with straight portions framing my face in the front. I have a LOT of hair.
Use: Add moisture to my hair (it tends to be dry) and to help decrease frizz. It also helps define waves and curls. I normally like a clean look, not too shiny so more matte, and overall go for the natural look. I like my hair to look controlled, but not forced or fake.
Hold: 7/10: to define my waves and to defrizz.
8/10: to add moisture to my hair and softness.
Comments: It is super easy to use the hair cream. I can use it after a shower when my hair is still slightly wet or I can touch up spots with frizz or flyaways while my hair is dry. I really like that the ingredients are so simple and safe. I like how it gives my hair shine, without weighing it down. I like the original scent as it has a mild, non-chemical, soothing scent. Because the hair cream is thick, I like to use more on pieces of hair or specific spots. Also, though it feel a little sticky at first, which I know a lot of pastes, wax, etc do, I got used to it and saw that it actually felt really soft in my hair so I kept using it.


Oscar from Los Angeles, CA
Hair Type:Wavy, coarse.
Use: To keep my hair tamed from being too puffy and to give my curls some definition and hold.
Hold: 6/10
Comments: I put the hair cream in my hair after I have towel dried a little, straight out of the shower. I like to apply a very thin base layer of jojoba oil through my hair, then the hair cream. I would definitely not try this on dry hair as it would be too difficult. I use a quarter nickel sized dollop to exert a sufficient enough hold. I'm getting used to the coconut smell in the original, but find it a little overpowering. However, no one else can smell it so maybe I'm just weirdly attuned to it. Overall, it seems to offer the control and smoothing/taming that I'm after, so I might be willing to compromise on the scent. I would describe this hair cream closer to a pomade than a wax or paste as this is not as sticky, provides less hold, and is easier to remove.
Before (wet hair):


Son's Mohawk from Whittier, CA
Hair Type:Straight, moderately thick.
Use: Styling, mohawk for my son.
Hold: 4/10. Great for styling.
Comments: I love the scent and it is very easy to use. I would continue to use it since it's natural and my son doesn't need extra strength hold.

Andy from Cerritos, CA
Hair Type:Straight, coarse, approx. 2 inches in length.
Use: Give hair a bit of hold and shine.
Hold: 6/10
Comments: I use about a dime size amount. It's not too thick or dense like some of the famous old school pomades. I appreciate that you don't have to wash your hands afterwards and that it's multifunctional. I like that the hair cream doesn't smell too strong. For a stronger hold, I prefer wax or gel.

With shorter hair:

For My Babies from Irvine, CA
Hair Type:Straight, thin
Use: To style the kids' hair. Mohawk for my son. Sweeping my daughter's bangs to the side.
Hold: 8/10. Usually holds their hair styles the entire day.
Comments: I like that the hair cream is natural and it won't harm my babies.

Robert from Orange County, CA
Hair Type:Straight, thin
Use: Holds well with plyability when my hair is short. Gives my hair body when it gets longer.
Hold: 1) Molds my hair in a spiky shape without being too hard or spikey.
2) My hair gets wet as I paddle a lot. This hair cream holds well in humidity and with water. Most stiff textured products melt too easily when wet.
Comments: Normally I wash hair products off my hands after application, but since this product has wax and wax is harder to wash off, I now remind myself to use it as moisturizer by rubbing leftovers into dry skin areas. Also, if I don't wash the hair cream out completely when I shower, I actually get to re-use what's leftover in my hair for a softer more casual look. Then, I just add more product to it if I want more control. I prefer fruit or flower scents which I know may attract insects outdoors. The peppermint and original worked well as I didn't have any problems on heavily insect rich hikes.
Eric from Palo Alto, CA
Hair Type:Short, straight, normal hair.
Use: Matte, clean, and combed.
Hold: 8/10. Holds well throughout the day without being sticky to the touch.
Comments: I put a dollop on my hand and work it into my hair while it’s wet. It’s very easy to use and I like that there is no scent. I would continue to use it. I really like that it is not sticky when it is in my hair and holds all day. To me, this is like a pomade.
Helen from Carson, CA
Hair Type:Tight Kinky Curly Coiled hair. No chemical relaxers or anything like that. Just wash & wear black hair.
Use: No styling. Just keeping it as is.
Comments: It makes my hair soft in its naturally curly state. I like the smell too. I use it right after my shower when my hair is wet. I massage in my hair and finger comb into my natural style!

Chris from Chicago, IL
Hair Type:Dry, coarse, thick.
Use: To give my hair some volume and a healthier feel.
Comments: Grace's Homemade Hair Cream has become an instant daily staple. I have dry, coarse, thick hair that is often difficult to style but this hair product provides just the right amount of moisturizing effect and hold. I typically don't like to use product as it forces me to wash it out at the end of the day making my hair feel even more dry and damaged. Moreover, I hate synthetic goop that is typical gel/wax that sits there all day and I refuse to go to bed with it on. Grace's Hair Cream provides such a natural feel as if you're not wearing product at all with a hold that lasts all day! I often use it after I shower even if I'm just staying in to give my hair some volume and a healthier feel. Amazing product!
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Order Fulfillment

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