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Grace's Homemade Whipped Body Butter

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Product Description

Grace's Homemade Body Butter is an excellent moisturizer for your skin. It may be applied to:

  • Rough spots (i.e. elbows, knees, feet)
  • Irritated skin (due to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes)
  • Sunburns or skin damage
  • Peeling or cracking skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Face as moisturizer
  • Face and body after shaving
  • Dry cuticles
  • Body during massages
  • Stomach area to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Diaper BUTT-er (with non-nano Zinc Oxide) to prevent and alleviate diaper rash

Note: Suggested usage does not replace professional medical advice for treatment of medical conditions.

Directions: Grace's Homemade Body Butter can be enjoyed anytime for all ages including babies. For best results, use after bathing or overnight. For sensitive skin such as the face, try it on a small area first. Your skin may need 1-2 weeks to adjust to any new oils. Use sparingly -- a little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax, and Jojoba Oil. Essential Oils are added to all scents except Original and Diaper BUTT-er. Non-nano Zinc Oxide added to Diaper BUTT-er.
* Certified Organic Ingredient

Other ingredients are available for Custom Orders.

Available in the following scents or variations:

Original Has a mild coconut scent. It smells delicious, but don't eat it!
Lavender Fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing, calming, and refreshing. May aid with relaxation and sleep. Note: one study claimed that lavender oil may be estrogenic and should not be used on babies, but other studies show no such link [1].
Lemon-Mint A combination of Lemongrass and Peppermint. A minty, slightly sweet scent that is soothing and energizing at the same time.
Rose A mild, sweet, floral fragrance that is intoxicating and romantic. Note: our research indicates that Rose essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy.
Rosemary Sweet and herbaceous aroma that can be stress-relieving.
Peppermint Stimulating and energizing.
Sweet Orange A mild, sweet, citrous, uplifting scent. Note: most citrus-based essential oils can be phototoxic. Minimize sunlight or UV exposure in areas of application.
Diaper BUTT-er Original Body Butter with non-nano Zinc Oxide, the active ingredient found in common diaper rash creams. Gentle enough to use as a moisturizer and a protective barrier for your baby's bottom.

Customer Testimonials

Ginnie from Los Angeles, CA (October 12, 2014):
Grace's homemade body butter is a must-have for people with dry skin like me. I've noticed that the body butter keeps my hands soft and moisturized through repeated hand washings much longer than other hand lotions I've tried. I also love that it is all-natural so I don't have to worry about my skin absorbing toxins and chemicals from my lotion.
T. Umin (Terri Umin Makeup | Jamberry) from Whittier, CA (October 15, 2014):
I had the privilege of using Grace's homemade body butter and I love it! The yummy smell reminds me of a nice coconut breeze in the tropics. I started using it when I was several months pregnant with my second child. I had really dry and itchy skin from my hands, belly, and feet. Regular lotions didn't work. They left my body even more dry. When I switched to Grace's body butter, I noticed a difference. It really helped to moisturize those dry areas. It was really refreshing right after a shower! I love the smell and softness it brings to my skin. I can't wait to try more products by Grace!
Maya from Orange County, CA (October 17, 2014):
Dear Grace -- I really like that your body butter is natural and chemical free. I don't really use it during the summer, but do use is daily during the cooler months. I put it on before I go to work and before going to bed. I like that it's not greasy and feels moisturizing. I used to like lotions with strong fragrances, but now I like ones with more mild scents similar to yours. I like that you use essential oils made from plants themselves and not fragrances which are synthetic. I can really smell the lavender, but would like the rose and citrus to be a little stronger. I will definitely continue to use them and recommend them to others.
Karen from Torrance, CA (October 20, 2014):
I use the body butter on irritated/rough skin where only petroleum jelly would work before, but this one smells much nicer and is less greasy.
Sana from San Diego, CA (October 28, 2014):
Grace's body butter is my nightly moisturizer. When I put it on my feet, I put on a pair of socks afterward to get the maximum softening benefits. This body butter smells very good and moisturizers my skin to perfection. It looks thick but goes on smooth and doesn't leave my skin greasy.
Carissa from Boston, MA (January 16, 2015):
I use your awesome body butter three ways: (1) I have a very angry skin type; I don't even call it sensitive anymore, because it's angry. I have seborrheic, phototoxic eczema. The "hotspots" of this eczema in adults are usually from the upper torso all the way to the scalp. My hotspots tend to be around the neck area. So when I feel like it's about to flare up, I use the body butter on the itchy spot, not mixing it with anything. I also use latex gloves to wash dishes and I have a mild latex allergy in that, it doesn't always flare up every time my skin touches latex. But after a couple weeks, I would start to see faint rashes, so I'd use the body butter for that. I just did this two days ago and the rash decided not to attack full force. (2) I also use the body butter on my lower back, arm, and legs for regular moisturizing routine around extra dry areas. (3) This is a Boston-specific thing that I just started doing, but I use a little around the facial area like the corner of my mouth and my eyebrow line, mixed with beeswax, to keep those areas from drying out while walking outside through the windy, below 30°F weather of Boston.
Camille from Los Angeles, CA (January 17, 2015):
I love this stuff! A little goes a long way and it feels great on my super, super dry skin. After regular use for two weeks, my overly dry skin feels renewed! I keep a container of the orange scent in my office. I keep the peppermint in my purse. I keep the original on my bedside table and lately, I have been using the lavender before bed to help relax. It's great! I have even taken to using it as a lip balm at night when my lips are cracking and dry. It helped with that too! Now my boyfriend is even hooked on it. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
Tina from Irvine, CA (February 6, 2015):
Grace's Homemade body butter is wonderful. I have very dry hands, especially in winter. I have noticed that Grace's Homemade body butter keeps my hands moisturized much longer than other hand moisturizers. It is amazing! I like to put it on at night before going to bed. I have found nothing else that works as well for my dry winter hands. Thank you, Grace!
Marat from San Diego, CA (August 9, 2015):
I used Grace's Homemade Body Butter on my elbows and forearm. It is a lot creamier and concentrated than other high-end products that I've used. I don't have to use as much of it and don't have to re-apply as often as other products.
Dan from Culver City, CA (August 19, 2015):
The skin on my nose got dried and peeled off repeatedly. It happened five times in a span of two months. The problem is gone after one application of Grace's Homemade Body Butter. It has not recurred for four months. In addition, I use it as a moisturizer for aftershave. It soothes my skin to recover from the trauma of shaving too quickly.
Carol from Palo Alto, CA (September 21, 2015):
I use the body butter for general dryness on my body and sometimes for my hair. I have also used it to moisturize my lips. I think the body butter is also good for dry skin around the eyebrows, a deep hand/cuticle repair as well as a foot cream. I really like the quality of ingredients, scent, and the end result of it softening my skin.
Chris from Long Beach, CA (November 15, 2015):
Hi All! I just want to give a shout out to Grace for her homemade Body Butter! Earlier this year my daughter gave me a jar of Grace's Homemade Body Butter for Mother's Day, and being out in the hot and long summer days out dragon boating, after a shower, I would put the body butter on and I felt so refreshed and my skin felt very soft and silky. No.Lie. Christmas is coming up soon and I bought some more of Grace's Homemade Body Butter to share with my loved ones, family and friends! I hope you all decide to buy some and get SPA-ED!
Cyndi from Orange County, CA (December 26, 2015):
I want to give a SHOUT OUT to for their AWESOME skin care products. I gave the whipped body butters, lotion bars, and hair creme as gifts for Christmas -- all the recipients loved them! Paul and I have been using them since we met Grace and her husband at a vendor fair earlier in the month. We LOVE the whipped body butter! Love the smooth, airy consistency that keeps our skin moisturized for a long time. We use it on our 6 year old and our 20 month old too!
Kat from Orange County, CA (December 29, 2015):
I have a topical dermatitis and i have had dark marks from itching, along with patches that would not go away, even with the most expensive prescription creams... The body butter has practically cured me! The dark patches have slowly started to disappear and my skin is going back to normal... which it hasn't been in about 6 years.
Sandy from Palmdale, CA (May 18, 2016):
Hi Grace, I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. As I have gotten older my skin is dry and wrinkled. I have always taken care of my skin, many products that no longer help, but by using your product on my feet and hands, they are much softer and less wrinkled.
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Order Fulfillment

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